# Add translated content property

See the Development process to load a base section in dev mod.

We will add a title property on our section, so that the user can dynamically change the title of the section.

We want this title to change depending on the language of the website.

# ww-config.js

The first step is to declare this property on the properties field of the configuration:

properties: {
    // [...]
    title: {
      label: {
        en: "Title",
      type: "Text",
      defaultValue: "My title",
      multiLang: true,

# Use the value inside the template

<div class="my-element">
    <h1>{{ wwLib.wwLang.getText(content.title) }}</h1>
    <p :style="textStyle">I am a custom element!</p>


Note here that we need to use wwLib.wwLang


In this use case, it might be better to use a WeWeb text so users can edit the text style.

See Add a element property